Utah BDR training tour


Book your spot today by paying the $250 deposit. If you need to add a rental motorcycle for the trip you can do so by clicking on the red rental button at the top of the site. A discount for the rental bike will be applied at the time of the tour.

The training aspect of the tour will focus on offroad riding techniques and skills and really sets this tour apart from others on the market. Learn from and ride with the best in the business!

See full itinerary below.

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We are excited to announce the Utah BDR training tour, taking place from August 24-29, 2017! Discover the beauty of one of North America’s truly unique treasures. From arid deserts to sandstone canyon lands to thriving pine forests. Join us in exploring Utahs rugged terrain like the bandits of the old west!…….All while learning and perfecting advanced off-road riding techniques. Spots are limited to 10 riders, so call us today or book directly on our website to reserve your spot on this exclusive opportunity! Where else can you have this experience and walk away a better rider at this price?  NOWHERE.

What is included in the $2000 price:

  • House of Motorrad discount of 10% (Rental/Retail)
  • Redverz tent setup and breakdown each day (2 persons per tent, with option to purchase tent after the tour)
  • Luggage portage in support vehicle
  • Wolfman Dry Duffel
  • Support Truck with full tool compliment and trailer with extra bikes in tow
  • Professional lead rider guide as well as a trained mechanic
  • Daily training exercises to help prepare for what to expect each day
  • Breakfast and Dinner each day
  • UTBDR pannier decal and Butler map
  • Airport transportation
  • House of Motorrad hat or T-shirt

Your Guides:

Ben Kriederman – Ben started riding things with motors when he was in grade school. Every morning, his dad would take him out to an Air Force base to blast around for an hour or so before he had to go to school. That early love of bikes has continued through out his life in the form of anything with 2 wheels. After working on a PhD in cell biology and in the vaccine development area for more than a decade, the adventure motorcycle boom and inspiration from shows like the Long Way Down and Long Way Round prompted Ben to start the House of Motorrad in 2011. His love for travel and motorcycles became a symbiotic relationship when he and his dad headed out on two BMW R1200GS Adventure bikes from Colorado to Argentina. Their 17000+ mile journey can be followed by visiting the Adventuring South blog where they documented in words and pictures, the trip of a lifetime. Ben’s real world experience has brought House of Motorrad into the forefront of the adventure motorcycle scene and his training skills are developed in the offroad style. He is easy the get along with and an excellent teacher and has trained with professional riders and rally racers and can’t wait to pass that along to you on this tour!

Myles Colligan – Myles has been on a bike since he was 4 years old. Coming from a motocross background, he quickly fell in Love with long distance adventure riding. Completing rides throughout North and Central America, Patagonia and Northern India; he looks forward to passing along some of his knowledge and learning some new tricks from you as well.

Tour Specifics

This tour is an intermediate skill level (with advanced side routes if desired) and gas in not included in the tour cost.  The route is big bike friendly and with our instruction can be completed by any beginner rider. Escape the beaten path and travel like the bandits of the old west.

Our Travel recommendations for those coming in from out of state are to either:

  1. Fly round trip to Denver and reserve a spot on our trailer/truck (free of charge) for transportation to the start and from the finish of the route.


2. get a multi-city plane ticket. Flying into Durango, CO on the 23rd, and flying out of Salt Lake City anytime after the 29th.

 Feel free to call us if you have any question.

Itinerary: Total mileage ~ 1023mi

Day 1 8/24/17: Durango, CO. to Monticello, UT ~312mi

Today we start with 146mi of nice smooth tarmac which provides the perfect opportunity to get used to the feel of the bike; and work out all kinks before heading off road. Travel picture book desert landscapes and canyon lands. See the famous valley of the Gods and anti-sal national forrest. Good mix of pavement and dirt with stretches of sand.

Day 2 8/25/17: Monticello to Dewey Bridge ~150mi

Travel the beautiful Indian Creek scenic byway. Skirt the Canyon Lands National Park, and show off your dirty bike on a roll through Moab. Mostly off-road with sand, rock and hard pack. Great day for practicing recently learned techniques. (Advanced side routes options)

Day 3 8/26/17: Dewey Bridge to Wellington  ~173mi

Pavement, dirt and rock mix. Travel through the Book Cliffs that contain pictographs and parietal art left over by ancient civilizations.

Day 4 8/27/17: Wellington to Currant Creek HWY ~107mi

Mostly dirt and rock track. Skirt the Badland Cliffs. Enter the Ashley National Forest and slightly cooler temperatures as we begin the climb in altitude.

Day 6 8/28/17:  Currant Creek HWY to Evanston ~129mi

Great off-road mountain riding day. A few stretches of pavement, but mostly dirt and hard pack roads. Lush forests, cliffs and stunning mountain passes.  Advanced side route options

Day 7 8/29/17:  Evanston to Ogden (via Garden City) ~185mi

The home stretch! A short jaunt to the Idaho border. Ride through more picturesque forest as you reflect on the new riding techniques you have learned…and the ones you will learn next time.