Mini Camp Off Road Training III


August 5-6, 2017.

Our 3B’s minicamps are 2 day off road training adventures.

Most people learn best by doing, so these are tactile training sessions. Where the classroom is the trail and the book is your bike. We will start the day with slow speed drills in the parking lot to establish the fundamentals of the 3B’s. Then we will head for the hills and exercise these skills in a real world environment. “On trail” training is where you will hone your skills in order to meet the challenges that arise on any adventure.

So, whether you are a beginner looking to create a solid off road riding foundation, or a more advance rider looking to carve out your weak spot and make it your strength. Mastering the art of Braking, Balance and Brapppp will be another tool in your arsenal to achieving your riding goals.

Spots are limited to 20 riders. Which will be broken up into 2 groups based on skill levels.


20 in stock



Mini Camp Training Details:

– Gourmet Breakfast and Dinner

– Tent Set-up and Breakdown (Bring your own, or rent one of our Redverz tents with option to purchase after)

– Camping gear portage in chase truck

– Adventure Bike rentals available

– HOM Hat